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Forest Hills - a brand, unlike others. We strive to bring milk in its natural form to your doorstep. We have our own farm and cows, living in a healthy and homely environment. Adequate nutrition and care are given to cows under the supervision of trained veterinarians.

Freshness & Purity Guaranteed

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Why Forest Hills Milk?

No adulterations,
no preservatives

Cows are kept under
expert’s observation

The fodder for cow is
grown in our own farm

No plastic used
in packaging

In-house production with fully
automatic plant so milk is free
from contagions

Clean and hygienic conditions are maintained in the premises

Delivered to your doorstep
every morning..

We are delivering
100% pure cow milk within a few hours of milking, from our farm to your doorstep

Right nutrition plays a vital role in our growth and wellness. We make sure that you get the necessary nourishment from our milk

Milking Process & Quality Testing

We control quality with DRDO approved technology.
We ensure that the quality of milk which reaches to your home is free from 8 types of impurities.

We have selected the best pedigree for our cows from across India to enhance our milk quality. It really matters what cow eats

It really matters what cows eat! A well planned and monitored feed for cow maintains its health which results in more nutritious and pure milk

Health Benefits

Maintains pH &
fluid balance in body

heart's rhythm!

Forms antibodies to
fight against infection

Supplies energy
to whole body

Makes bones stronger

Improves Muscle function

Makes immune system better

Forest Hills Cow Milk contains nutrients like probiotics, vitamin D & immunoglobulins that boost the immune system and help to fight against various diseases.

  • Glass bottle keeps milk fresh for long time
  • It maintains original taste of milk as it is
  • It keeps milk temperature ideal
  • Glass bottles are eco-friendly

We provide milk in glass bottles which is one of the best packaging systems. Milk in a glass bottle is left closer to its original state than milk in another packaging, and it even tastes fresh.

Our Team

Denish Patel
Siddharth Patel
Bhumi Patel
Niyati Patel

Awards & Recognition

Best Dairy
Startup Awards
Best "Pashupalak"
Best "Pashupalak"
Best Dairy
Startup Awards

Our Farm

Our cows live in open spaces and healthy atmosphere where they can move freely, this is important for maintaining their overall health which is necessary to get 100% pure and nutritious milk. We have our own farm and cows living in stall-free barns with a healthy and homely environment. Adequate nutrition and care are given to cows under the supervision of well-experienced veterinarians.


Opp. RK University, Kasturbadham Rajkot,
Gujarat, India.




+91 97258 88883

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