Forest Hills reflects the culture of our ancestors. Cattle are considered sacred in religions like Hinduism. Since the Vedic times. the cows are considered holy animals and are worshipped. We know that cow’s milk at its best represents the pinnacle of nutrition and health!

Healthy milk is the first step towards the growth of children. Newborns are given mother's milk because of its numerous nutritious values. It is vital for children to have milk that does not tamper the naturalness of cow's milk and keeps the nutrition intact.

From Nature to Your Home

Pure, Natural and Untouched cow’s milk is delivered at your doorstep for keeping your family healthy.

Quality of Milk

We ensure quality of milk which reach to your home is free from 8 types of impurities. We control quality with DRDO approved technology.


We use automatic milking machines to ensure milk is free from contaminants and bacteria.

The Feed

The maximum portion of the food given to the animals is cultivated at our own farms under the proper guidance of experienced agriculturists.

The Cow

We have selected the best pedigree of animals from across india to enhance our milk quality

Merits of Desi Ghee

Traditionally prepared | Taste of pure ghee | Healthy & Nutritious | 100% organic ghee No preservatives