We strive to bring milk in its natural form to your doorstep. We have our own farms and cows living in stall-free barns with a healthy and homely environment. Adequate nutrition and care are given to cows under the supervision of trained veterinarians. 

Farm Facilities:

  • We have set up the latest, state of the art and wholly integrated dairy farm to ensure the best quality milk reaches your home.
  • We have selected the best pedigree of animals from across India to enhance the milk quality.
  • The maximum portion of the food given to the animals is cultivated at our own farms under the proper guidance of experienced agriculturist.
  • Cleanliness of the cows' sheds is given high importance.

Healthy and happy cows

Healthy and happy cows give nutritious milk. The comfort of cows is given high importance at Forest Hills, so unlike others, cows in Forest Hills have luxurious perks. 

  • Individual beds for the cows in the Free Stall Barns.
  • Fans and Foggers to regulate temperature and keep air currents flowing.
  • Special animal nutrition experts to provide cows their nutritious diet as per their health requirements.
  • The regular diet includes - Green maize, Lucerne, drumstick, napier, cotton cakes, wheat bran, sorghum, maize concentrates and natural mineral supplements.